Enough with the sad and stressful headlines. Here’s a newfound piece of information you never needed to know, but we’re sharing with you anyway because it’s amazeballs: Sesame Street’s Big Bird isn’t the only one of his kind. He has relatives from all over the planet, and they have different colors.

If you grew up watching the long-running American puppet show, you must be quite familiar with Big Bird– an eight-foot two-inch tall (shorter than Resident Evil’s Lady Dimistrecu) anthropomorphic bird with bright, yellow feathers. Although he’s portrayed as childlike and clumsy,  the bird is one talented fella. He can sing, dance, write poetry, draw, swim, ice skate, and even ride a unicycle.

Recently, the internet collectively gasped in awe when a thread about Big Bird having international cousins erupted. Muppet History, a fan account dedicated to celebrating Jim Henson’s phenomenal children’s show, blew up Twitter when it launched the explosive fact that other countries have come up with their own Sesame Street, which incorporates their culture and has their own versions of our beloved muppets like Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch.

Twitter users from different countries were quick to attest to the tweet, promoting their respective Big Bird variation. And then on the same day, the official page for Big Bird joined the commotion, posting a thread that introduces all his global cousins, each with their own distinct identity. As it turns out, there is, indeed, an entire bunch of canonically related muppet-birds across the globe, from the Netherlands to Mexico, to Brazil. Get to know them below!

Meet Mexico’s Abelardo

Pino from The Netherlands

Turkey’s Minik Kuş

Poupas from Portugal

Garibaldo from Brazil

Who is your favorite among Big Bird’s cousin? Tell us in the comments below!

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