The hit crime drama Dexter will be back again after eight years.

Michael C. Hall returns to his vigilante life as the titular character in Dexter, a long-running murder-mystery TV series that premiered in October 2006 and ended in September 2013. This revival will take the form of a limited-series spearheaded by Showtime.

The OG series centers on Dexter Morgan, a forensic technician who works for the Miami Police Department but lives a secret double-life as a murderer chasing after criminals that have escaped the justice system. It started off as a TV adaptation of a Jeff Lindsay novel called ‘Darkly Dreaming Dexter’ but consequently shied away from the initial source material.

The original show’s finale is a bittersweet experience for a lot of the fans, except the bitterness is dominant. While Dexter was an undeniable phenomenal success earning critical praises and awards during its eight-season run, the last episode of its final season is considered to be a major turnoff. Critics would even label it as one of the worst endings in modern TV history.

For a refresher, the series finale saw Dexter faking his death by riding into the hurricane with his boat so he could assume a new identity as a lumberjack in Oregon. This whole dramatic act happened after he had killed his sister Debra and dumped her corpse into the ocean.

Dexter’s new miniseries will be ten episodes long and is expected to kickstart production in early 2021.

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