It’s been a sad, stressful year for everyone on earth but at least people still find a way to laugh and make others laugh.

On social media, hilarious memes about COVID-19 self-isolation have been competing with COVID-19 news for that space in your feed. Which is really good! Now we have a balance of information that keeps us in touch with the realities of the global pandemic crisis, and sources of entertainment that relieve our lockdown anxieties. Plus, these memes only prove that we may be alone and feeling lonely, but we’re laughing together and facing the challenges with some sense of humor.

1. I mean, she’s not wrong.

2. That hurts.

3. For college students

4. Alexa, tell me when.

5. Huli ka, boy!

6. Cit Cat Coe

7. Good doggo

8. For horoscope people.


Luckily, in these trying times, we are able to enjoy the service of these meme-makers as we get through this crisis. It’s natural to feel anxious considering the severity of the pandemic situation, but when it gets too much for your brain to handle, you are free to take a break and have a good laugh.

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How are you coping with the lockdown?

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