Prepare to get caught in the web in this rising pinoy vlogger’s exotic take on a pet show.

Schizo Pelma TV is a place for all who seek solace in the otherwise mostly chaotic interwebs. The man behind the camera “Schiz” (yet to reveal his full name) is an OFW from the UK who started the hobby similarly as a refuge from being home-sick.

While tarantula keeping isn’t one of the more popular pet keeping hobbies, this YouTuber grew his crowd of tarantula hobbyists and non-hobbyists alike because of the very laid-back nature of his content.

In a Schizo Pelma video, you’ll usually only see the vlogger’s hands working on either feeding, unboxing, mating, or just plain educating people while showing off the beauty of his gorgeous diverse collection of tarantulas backed up by that popular soothing voice of Schiz explaining the scene, undoubtedly enhancing the “chill” factor of his videos.

A meme-r by nature, he occasionally lets his “Tito” humor out but instead of being corny it just makes the video more endearing and adorable. He doesn’t have an opening billboard and his closing billboard is just his logo encouraging everyone on his channel to remain “chill”. All straightforward. What a breath of fresh air.

You absolutely don’t have to be interested in tarantulas to enjoy his channel and if you haven’t found the motivation to scope his channel and inevitably binge watch every video, we gotchu. Here are a few of the crowd-favorites to get you started:

The one with the most exciting tarantula feeding

The only place where a “take-down”  is equally horrific and exciting simultaneously.

The one with the birthing

First time seeing a spider sac being opened? Creepy but exciting, right?

The one with the mating

And yes, this is how the babies were made.

The one that looks like an oreo

Looks beautiful and harmless but will keep you at the edge of your seat!

The one where you have to keep calm

Because even the most experienced are still cautious of these tiny beasts.

The one before the unboxing

Because… how?

If all else doesn’t suit your taste, please take a shot at my personal favorite:

The one with the love story


Watch to see if he says yes!  Or gets eaten.

Yes, this list is long and each of them isn’t short as well but rest assured, you’ll find yourself deep into this burrow of a safe haven after just one video and you’ll thank us for it.

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