DIRTY LAUNDRY: Record label callout gone wrong?!

All edge, no point. A member of the open mic community calls out a famous record label but receives backlash instead. Yikes!

Just recently, both the open mic community and local music community has been buzzing. A random member of both communities called out renown record label and called them a “scam”. But that’s not all, after calling out the said record label and lamenting his heart out, he received hate instead of support.

Here’s the red-piping hot tea!

So apparently, there’s an open mic event at Maginhawa, courtesy of the record label. A benefit gig, to be exact. The said guy went over to the event to participate, along with his friends. However, it turns out that the event didn’t live up to his expectations.

In his Facebook post, he called the record label an opportunist. He stated how unprofessional the organizers and the whole event was. The worse part is, specified how they made performers pay up and that the organizers themselves arrive late at the venue. He even namedropped!

Of course, his post caused an uproar in the community. It got a lot of mixed reactions from everyone. But what he didn’t expect is for the people to retaliate against him.

But here’s the real deal

According to the poster details, it’s a benefit gig for a member of the local music community. There are 3 local acts to perform while for the open mic, it’s a first come, first serve basis. The organizers will only accommodate 10 open mic participants, exempting them from the usual door charge. While for the rest of the people attending, they’ll have to pay the Php 250 entrance.

Some people commented on the post and delightfully recalled what happened that night. One of them politely explained what went down during the gig. It’s true, the entrance fee for the first 10 open mic performers was free. And as for the organizers arriving 15 minutes before the start of registration, it was none of the attendees business as long as everything is prepared at the exact time of the event. Once they’ve listed down the first 10 people for the open mic, it’s close for the rest.

What might have caused him the confusion is when the organizers allowed the other attendees who didn’t make the cut perform. Since they aren’t part of the first 10 acts, they’ve had to pay the entrance fee, as it was a benefit gig. But the guy confused it with a “pay-to-play” kind of setup. (Ooof!)

All edge, no point

Even when some people tried to explain it to him, he’s still stubborn with his opinion. At first, yes, he did gain empathy from his friends. Who actually have no idea what really happened at the event. But when people who attended the event began explaining to him, he just dismissed it. He kept saying that if it’s not coming from the record label themselves, it ain’t official.

Some even called him “entitled”, for speaking in such a way. Still, people tried to educate him despite him being a lost cause. His friends, too, tried to ask him to stop making a ruckus. (Nasty!)

Truth to be told, it’s real chaos. He even turned off the comments section of his post to lay off from the heat. He may have realized his mistake. Or maybe not…

But hey, that only goes to show that you should be wary of what you post in social media. Especially if you go on calling out people, specifically famous ones, just because of your lack of comprehension.

So make sure to read poster details. And of course, comprehend them. Poster details are there for a reason. Don’t make the same mistake of putting yourself out there for everyone to attack. Because no one wants that, right?

Moral of the story: Read and comprehend the damn poster details. And think before you react, I guess.

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