Wait, what?

Local softdrink brand RC Cola has been one of the trending topics on social media since Thursday, November 26. In case you’re wondering why, the brand released their latest advertisement with a somewhat unusual concept.

It all started with a young teenager who arrived home from school, sobbing, asking his mother, “Ma, ampon po ba ako?“. The mom, who looked concerned, went over to his son and reminded him to not be affected by what other people say about him.

Now, here’s where things started to get hilariously weird: the son then took off his bag and his school uniform, laid on the table face down, and said, “Ma, ipaliwanag mo sakin bakit may apat na baso ako sa likod!“. If that’s not weird enough, the mom tearfully told her son, “Matagal na naming itinatago ito sa’yo, anak.”, she then removed her scarf, separated her head from her neck, and revealed a bottle of RC Cola underneath it. WOAH.

Check out how the ad ended:

The internet is confused

People on the internet didn’t forget to share their thoughts on this unusual ad they saw on social media. Some called it ‘weird’ and ‘creepy’, while some said that this is hilariously brilliant, a totally new way of promoting your brand to the audience.

Here are some reactions to RC Cola’s advertisement:

It may be weird to some, but RC Cola just reached a new high of impression by producing an extremely out of the box concept that left many wondering and talking about what they just saw. Yup, RC. COLA. DID. THAT.

What are your thoughts on RC Cola’s latest advertisement? Tell us in the comments!

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