Do you ever get so bored and desperate your sofa starts turning into a croissant?

It’s a difficult time we’re all facing. We can’t get out. We can’t go to malls, hang out with friends, watch movies in theaters. Worse, an appalling amount of restaurants and food establishments have been forced to shut down. We can’t buy food that we want.

The foodies inside of us just wanna crawl out of our skin due to cravings that can’t be satisfied. There are also cases when, out of sheer desperation, someone’s mind starts playing tricks on them, giving them an illusion of seeing food in the most random places.

Tilapia in Aquarium

A living tilapia in an aquarium is questionable enough, but a fried tilapia floating with the alive ones? Creepy.

Hotdog Sausage

This photo is half-parts cute and half-parts disturbing. Either way, our tastebuds are longing for those juicy sausages. 

Cat Siopao

B+ for the editing skills. D for the idea, because this is just spooky. But we understand the siopao craving on a spiritual level.

Milk Tea Dispenser

This is a call for the milk tea shops everywhere. Can’t you guys use helicopter services or something? We’re drooling now. We’re suffering from the type of thirst that only milk tea can quench.

Dear COVID-19, can you screw off now? 

Any food that you’ve missed since the quarantine?

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