It was announced last year that the classic Cartoon Network animated series Powerpuff Girls is taking the leap from animated cartoon to live-action. Now, the live-action series has finally found its pint-sized superpowered girls in these three young stars.

Chloe Bennet, best known for her role as Daisy Johnson in Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., is set to play the level-headed leader of the group Blossom.

Dove Cameron from Hairspray Live will be portraying the sweet, blonde Bubbles.

Yana Perrault from Broadway’s Jagged Little Pill will be playing the quick-tempered Buttercup.

Here’s what we know so far about the live-action reboot of our favorite childhood cartoon.

The project is being developed by The CW, a TV Network in the US, and is spearheaded by Diablo Cody, the Oscar-winning screenwriter for Juno, and Veronica Mars writer Heather Regnier. The original series was about three, kindergarten-aged superhero girls accidentally created by Professor Utonium when he put a so-called “Chemical X” in his little experiment called “sugar, spice, and everything nice.” It followed their adventures as they saved the fictional town called ‘Townsville’ from the threats of different villans.

In CW’s adaptation, we will not be seeing a bunch of high-spirited young ladies but rather their adult versions dealing with the emotional consequences of having spent the majority of their childhood fighting crime. Read the synopsis below.

“Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup used to be America’s pint-sized superheroes. Now, they’re disillusioned twenty-somethings who resent having lost their childhoods to crimefighting. When the world needs them more than ever, will they agree to reunite?”

The reboot’s release date has yet to be revealed.

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