Let’s face it. Most Filipino telenovelas are world-class. They are well-written, original, totally unpredictable, and ultimately created for the sake of art and not, like, for ratings. If you disagree, you’re a hater. Stop talking. You’re full of hate and you should change.

Our locally made TV shows certainly don’t deserve to be stolen out of the spotlight just because the Filipino viewers are now patronizing “faux cinderella stories with belofied actors whiter than white.” Well, actually, we’re even better than these K-Dramas. To show you proof, here are some of the most exceptional Filipino telenovelas that can compete internationally for their masterful storytelling, original plot and superb execution.

Alyas Robin Hood

Source: GMA Network

This show is obviously not a rip-off of a foreign superhero series. Nothing about the concept and the plot synopsis can make you think: “Umm, have I seen this before?” Alyas Robin Hood is definitely not inspired by Arrows featuring Stephen Amell. 

Ang Probinsyano

Source: ABS-CBN

The show that’s been going on forever. Tell us: is there any character on any Korean drama that has faced as many deaths as Cardo Dalisay? We’re not even gonna mention how many fatal incidents this guy has been through. (We don’t keep count, actually. There’s too many.)

His character is undeniably a symbol of resilience. He has died multiple times, witnessed many deaths of loved ones including his own son, he has killed so many bad guys, and yet you can’t see any sign of trauma even on the 1200th episode of the series. When you find yourself feeling hopeless and bummed out by life, just take a look at how Kuya Cardo faces life challenges.

Kara Mia

Source: GMA Network

Concept-wise, this drama series is so unique we can’t even begin to comprehend how they came up with it. Two sisters who share the same body? No, they’re not conjoined twins, because if you watched it (we bet you didn’t because you’re such a hater), they actually could separate from the body every night and then come back to their original one-body-two-faces form in the morning.

Kambal Karibal


Rivalries between twin sisters probably sounded too cliched, so now they gave us rivalries between two sisters where one of them was a ghost! That’s over-the-top creativity right there. And who would forget this iconic scene that reshaped the way people view medicine?

Which of these is shows is your favorite?

(Disclaimer: This was written for entertainment purposes only. We understand that in the creative industry in any country, it is almost impossible to come up with concepts no one has ever thought of before.)

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