Some were thrilled. Some let out a long, envious sigh. Some were just begging them to get married already. But one thing is clear: Daniel Padilla’s recent Instagram post for his partner, Kathryn Bernardo, is causing major disturbances across the lands.

On March 31, Daniel Padilla casually dropped a series of throwback photos of him and Kathryn on his Instagram page. In the caption, the actor copy-pasted the lyrics of “That’s All,” a 1952 song originally performed by Nat King Cole. While the said post could have been a simple gesture of appreciation, it was posted around 4 in the morning when most of the people were asleep. (We can only imagine a sleepy Daniel, scrolling through his phone gallery at an ungodly hour, his mind racing with thoughts about Kathryn and Kathryn ONLY.)

A part of the caption read, “I can only give you love that lasts forever / And a promise to be near each time you call / And the only heart I own / For you and you alone / That’s all / That’s all…” It’s common knowledge that Daniel is an old soul when it comes to his music preferences. The fact that he quoted a love song from the ’50s only demonstrates how sincere he is.

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Shortly after the post reached the masses, Daniel, Kathryn, and their loveteam famously dubbed as KathNiel quickly made it to the trending topics on Twitter. The now-viral post triggered a variety of reactions, from warm, fuzzy awws, to screams of excitement, to downright envy best expressed by the line “Sana all.” Several KathNiel stans even went as far as to tell the celebrity couple to tie the knot already, because why not.

Daniel and Kathryn will be celebrating their 9th year of being together on May 26. Sana all, indeed.

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