What could these stories mean?

Clint Bondad, the ex-boyfriend of 2018 Miss Universe Catriona Gray, has joined Secretary of Health Francis Duque as the hot talks of the town. But if the latter is trending for allegedly not knowing enough about the problem he was hired to solve, the former has gone viral for seemingly knowing too much– that he has become a cause for concern. (This is not to say that Duque’s story is not alarming. It is also very alarming.)

Clint has been posting a series of short, seemingly cryptic stories on his Instagram account, either driving his followers into a state of anticipation for a possible tea spilling or making them fear for the guy’s well-being as these messages could be interpreted as signs that he needs help.

Many were quick to interpret these posts as messages for Catriona and her current boyfriend, Sam Milby. The beauty queen parted ways with Clint in 2019 and has recently made her relationship with Sam IG-official.

Some Twitter users are theorizing that Clint has found out a dirty secret about Sam and is threatening to expose it. This theory is based on a screenshot–among many other receipts collected by the internet– posted by Clint, in which he sent DM to the other guy which reads: “Want to become my client?” The said screenshot also contains the text, “HOW ABOUT WE HAVE A LITTLE CHAT?”

However, not everyone is up for the showbiz drama. Many Twitter users are looking past the randomness of Clint’s posts and have expressed concerns over the guy’s situation. One fan wrote, “It’s really disturbing and creepy… I don’t know. But, a little trigger warning. I do hope he’s okay.” Another Twitter user also said that this isn’t something to treat like a “teleserye” and must be taken seriously.

Clint Bondad is a 26-year-old Filipino-Australian actor who has appeared in films like Trophy Wife, Girlfriend for Hire, and Mission Unstapabol: The Don Identity starring Vic Sotto and Maine Mendoza. As of this writing, Clint is the number one trending topic on Twitter.

What do you think about Clint Bondad’s IG stories?

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