Netflix is known for its progressive shows and films that promote social justice.

However, the recently dropped trailer for the upcoming film, ‘Cuties,’ has been getting a lot of criticism. It’s a “coming-of-age” flick that revolves around a group of young, teenage girls who form a dance group called ‘Cuties.’ The main protagonist, an 11-year-old Muslim immigrant named Amy, finds herself defying her family to join the dance clique.

While the plot on the surface is an attempt at youth empowerment– you know, “Have faith in yourself, chase your dreams, go up against the odds!“–  the problem people are finding of it is how it’s presented.

Ahead of its September 9 Netflix premiere, ‘Cuties’ is already facing a backlash. I mean, it’s 2020 and we’re seeing a movie that seems to normalize… sexualizing young people.? There’s nothing wrong with having a bunch of tween girls dance for a film, but to have them twerk while wearing revealing outfits would definitely spark conversations.


Someone on Youtube wrote, “I almost cried because of how disgusting this is.” Another user called it, “everything that’s wrong with the world and Hollywood,” while someone else said, “I wish I could dislike more than once. This is disgusting.”

Multiple theories claim that this movie is a commentary on youth exploitation that is supposedly shocking and triggering, but some people point out that the lead star is an 11-year-old, which defeats the purpose.

What are your thoughts on ‘Cuties’?

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