There’s been a commotion on Twitter surrounding Alex Gonzaga’s tweet about the Sam Morales catfishing fiasco.

Some people took it as victim-blaming.

Alex’s Tweet

The tweet, posted a day after interior design student Jzan Vern took to Twitter to relay her story of abuse done by filmmaker Sam Morales— was apparently giving advice to those who are in the online dating world. Now, some people were quick to point out the flaw on the statement, calling out the ABS-CBN star for putting the blame on the catfished, rather than the catfisher. The fire even intensified when Bela Padilla responded to Alex.

Two sides formed: one for Bela, who would later point out that emotional manipulation should not be taken as lightly as a “basic love story,” and one for Alex and her sincere intention to warn others of the red flags. However, there were people who found the importance of both statements, thus declaring that no one had to pick sides.

For Jzan Vern

As more discussions arose, Alex clarified that she was merely attempting to help others experiencing the same situation. “We are always here to look after each other especially sa mga nakakabata sa atin,” she told Bela in another tweet, to which the latter replied, “Perfect.” The discussion ended with the two celebrities agreeing that they were both standing up for Jzan and the other victims of catfishing.

However, this doesn’t stop people from still putting the blame on Jzan. If you have read her story, she has repeatedly admitted to being “marupok” despite the obvious red flags she’d been seeing. She went on falling into the traps laid by Sam and her accomplice, Bilko. This gave a lot of people the excuse to call her out for not leaving, all things considered.

Bela has a message to these people:

Never the victim’s fault

Narcissistic abuse can be characterized by verbal abuse, manipulation, gaslighting, constant lying, and even violence. A pathological narcissist is so good at what they do, that their victim would struggle to recognize the reality that they are being messed around with in the head. Slowly but surely, narcissists feed on their prey’s weaknesses, and the abused would gradually suffer with very little to no knowledge of the mistreatment behind it. Jzan’s narrative is an example of one: her abuser, Sam Morales, had used her traumatic experiences in the past to traumatize another individual, hoping it would make her feel better about herself. 

This is why it is never right to blame the victim for their situation. In the case of Jzan, she was pulled down into the “perfect” illusionary world created by Sam Morales. She was led to believe she was loved, so she did fall in love, like most of us would have naturally done.

As of this writing, Sam Morales is yet to open up about her side of the story.

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