This pairing + veteran actor Lee Byung-hun + killer plotline? A must watch up ahead!

Lotte Entertainment has confirmed on August 4 that a post-apocalyptic thriller led by Lee Byung-hun, Park Seo-joon and Park Bo-young is in the works!

The film, Concrete Utopia (working title), is expected to follow the lead of Socialphobia and Vanishing Time: A Boy Who Returned as thriller film guru, Um Tae-hwa’s, latest masterpiece.

Concrete Utopia is set against the backdrop of earthquake-ravaged Korea turned land of rubble. Lee Byung-hun plays Young-tak, the community leader of Hwang Goong Apartment Complex, while Park Seo-joon is cast as Min-sung, the salaryman tasked to be his right-hand man. The two are held in charge of keeping the residents of the apartment complex safe and outsiders out. Min-sung’s wife, Myung-hwa, is a retired nurse tasked with medical care is played by Park Bo-young.

You can actually feel how intense the film is gonna be just based off of its plot. Action man Lee Byung-hun has been a mainstay for disaster-related films the past few years but it would be really interesting to see Park Seo-joon and Park Bo-gum step a ways away from their usual bubblegum k-dramas.

Although the plot is riddled with ruggedness, with the on-screen couple being as adorable as they are, we’re probably going to get a lot more romance than one would expect of a post-apocalyptic world and we can’t wait!

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Are you as excited as we are for this promising k-drama?

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