No bejeweled crown can contest a heart of gold. Seeing Miss Vietnam breaking conventional beauty standards lit that fire in our hearts!

Miss Vietnam, H’Hen Niê, showed the whole world that beauty is more than what we know of. H’Hen Niê continues to wow the world as Miss Vietnam Breaking Conventional Beauty Standards

In the recent Miss Universe 2018, aside from our very own Catriona Gray, there is another lady who stood out among 94 contestants. Miss Vietnam, H’Hen Niê, took everyone’s breath with her exotic beauty. Among the contenders, H’Hen Niê was the only one who broke the typical Miss Universe beauty standards we know.

She sported a pixie cut and damn girl, she rocked it! The hair is the crowning glory of the head. Some even believe that our hair defines our feminism. But not H’Hen Niê. Despite not having long hair, she made herself look royalty! Paired with her sun-kissed skin that glowed, she’s like an Asian Princess from the early ages! And we are loving that hairdo.

Aside from that, her unique sense of fashion was certainly eye-catching. On the final stages of the pageant, she wore pants. Once the top 5 were called, she stood out because the others were wearing glamorous short dresses. No hate to the other contestants but she did nail a sophisticated look back there. Everyone really loved it, you guys!

H’Hen Niê’s Advocacies

And she’s more than just beauty. She proved herself compassionate and a kind woman. Her causes are HIV awareness (which is not that big in South East Asia), women empowerment, and education for all. She helps kids from provinces and just recently, it was announced that she gave away all her prize money to build a library in her community. Also, she is a global ambassador for Room to Read, an international organization that seeks to help out low-income communities with education.

H’Hen Niê just proves that you don’t need a crown to be a queen yourself. Everyone, not just her fellow Vietnamese, but also other people from other countries are sending their love for her. She might have not won the crown. But she did win the hearts of the world.

You have our praise and love, H’Hen Niê!

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