We stand proud! Miss Spain’s fight in Miss Universe 2018 doesn’t end with the pageant itself. Crown or no crown, you’ve proven that you’re a woman through and through.

While the Philippines celebrated with the crown, Miss Spain, Angela Ponce, made history as the first transgender candidate to join Miss Universe. She may have failed to make it to the semi-finals but she sure won the hearts of many that day.

The Miss Universe organization paid tribute and celebrated Angela Ponce’s advocacy and fight with a video. It was indeed a tough fight for her with all the mixed feedback she got. Nevertheless, Angela stood high and proud as she took off her sash and held it up high in the air. She received a standing ovation for her brave fight.

In the video recognition, Angela told her story as a person identifying herself as a woman. It was the story of self-discovery and fighting for her rights. It was touching and inspiring for the LGBT community. Her advocacy specifically trans-visibility and inclusivity, for LGBT members and heterosexuals alike.

Check out the video below and see how Angela Ponce is out there to change the world.

My hope for tomorrow, to be able to live in a world of equality for everyone. Simply for us all to understand that we are human and that we must make all our lives easier together. That reality f or many people is going to change. If I can give that to the world, I don’t need to win Miss Universe, I only need to be here.Angela Ponce, Miss Spain

And yes, she said it, you heard it. Her being in the Miss Universe is all it takes to turn the tide. Besides, she’s not afraid to let the whole world know that this is her advocacy. And we love her because of it.

Despite the negative comments, stating that it was wrong of her to “invade” Miss Universe, people still defended her. It was indeed an enlighting turn of event and yes, the whole LGBT community is celebrating with Angela. No matter how many people try to bring her down, there is no stopping Angela Ponce from making her stand. Angela Ponce, a transgender to everyone but still a woman through and through.

Miss Spain’s fight in Miss Universe 2018 hasn’t ended yet! What do you think of Angela Ponce’s advocacy? Let us know in the comments section below.