Miss Philippines is now officially crowned as Miss Universe 2018. And every Filipina has their own iconic catwalk. So if you love doing catwalks, then you better see how Catriona Gray’s Lava Walk wowed the whole world!

Catriona Gray made history as she won Miss Universe 2018. But before she was crowned, the whole world was the witness of her charm, wit, and beauty. She owned the Q & A portion and claimed the catwalk as well. Astounding and certainly head-turning, Catriona Gray’s Lava Walk is the catwalk we want to learn!

People went crazy over Cat’s catwalk. During the swimsuit portion of the pageant, in her pink swimsuit, she showcased a catwalk so unique. She strutted in, oozing with confidence and brimming with beauty. And as she walked, she made this turn that really wowed the whole crowd.

See that turn? It was as if she was in slow motion and her hair followed suit. Cat’s catwalk was dubbed as the Lava Walk. Hit, sexy, untouchable! And Filipinos are crazy for it! Cat’s Lava Walk gained attention and added to her spark in the competition.

We stan a living video editor! (Kidding!) But seriously, I thought that the turn was edited for drama. But people pointed out that it was just Cat’s doing all along. How about that?

The snap in her turn and the bounce of her hair was so mesmerizing. She’s like a shampoo commercial model there. #HairGoals <3

Damn! Just look at her go! She can go from sweet to fierce in just a snap! You can’t go wrong with that kind of vibe. She’s sugar and spice and everything nice!

Even with the cape, she had the Lava Walk under control. (I want to learn that catwalk!) Catriona Gray embodies grace and fierceness in one package. That’s how the new Miss Universe 2018 rolls!

Tyra Banks approves

Supermodel and America’s Next Top Model host, Tyra Banks, even commended her for that wonderful catwalk! Way to go, Cat! TyTy approves!

We know Cat is intelligent and kind-hearted, yes. But slaying the catwalk is different. Catriona Gray’s Lava Walk isn’t just her catwalk. Cat was oozing with confidence that she just can’t hide! It’s the walk of the million Filipinos supporting. It’s the walk of one nation united. And everyone can learn from her.

Cat’s owned the catwalk and we all know it. Keep slaying, queen. Meow!

Wanna learn Cat’s Lava Walk? Dare to strut in that kind of manner? Let us know what you think of our newest Miss Universe 2018 in the comments section below.