The man on a mission gets caught mid-action in this all-new promotional poster for the upcoming James Bond film starring Daniel Craig.

It was supposed to hit the theaters in April but similar to the fate of all the movies scheduled for an early 2020 launch, the premiere had to suffer an unfortunate delay. Now, with cinemas starting to get back in action in some parts of the world, the movie is targeting a November 20 release date. It won’t be such a long wait if you think about it, because as far as we know, we only blinked in January and now Jose Mari Chan is slowly creeping in and Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong has fallen asleep.

‘No Time To Die’ is the latest addition to the long list of James Bond titles, and it’s going be Daniel Craig’s swan song as Agent 007. To refuel the hype that has started dying down due to all the 2020 drama, MGM studios released on Tuesday a brand new promotional poster along with a major update on the film’s development.

The poster sees James Bond in a handsome tuxedo, holding a gun and caught mid-action. The caption reads: “Man on a mission. Check out the new poster for #NoTimeToDie in cinemas this November. New trailer coming this Thursday.”

The creators apparently have something in store for us: a new trailer! It comes out on September 3 and will most probably feature a lot more action than the previous trailer dropped in December last year. You better mark your calendars now, for it’s gonna be an explosive Thursday.

‘No Time To Die,’ according to the film’s official synopsis, follows James Bond enjoying his retirement days in Jamaica when he suddenly gets pulled back into another deadly mission. One of the highlights of the past trailer is the new villain in the form of Bohemian Rhapsody’s Rami Malek.

Also, it’s not gonna be a James Bond film without an official theme song, and this time it’s Billie Eilish doing us the honor– joining the ranks of Adele, Madonna, Shirley Bassey, Paul McCartney, and Duran Duran as elite artists tasked to perform for the legendary franchise. Check out her single, ‘No Time To Die,’ for the 25th James Bond film.


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