Truth be told: we didn’t see that coming.

Netflix has just released a teaser trailer for their upcoming animated film ‘Over The Moon’ directed by Oscar-winning and director and animator Glen Keane. And while you could say a lot of things– good and bad– based on what the creators have presented so far, we can not think of any better way to describe the experience of watching the trailer than this very popular internet expression: “That escalated quickly.”

Over The Moon

Image taken from ‘Over The Moon’ by Netflix

The trailer suggests that we’re in for another Dreamworks-like adventure that will appeal to the young and to the young-at-heart. As hinted in the title, ‘Over The Moon’ tells the story of a young girl who seeks to fly to the moon to prove the existence of a Moon Goddess. Equipped with scientific knowledge and skills, she builds a rocket ship and sets out on a space quest with her cute, white bunny friend.

In the trailer, that rocket takeoff scene seems to be the climactic part concluding the buildup. In fact, the title card is already revealed at that point, and for a moment you’d get hit by the thought: “That’s it?” Turns out that’s not it all, because the intense and exciting and unpredictable part is just about to come in the final seconds. By the end, you’ll question how you judged the beginning (which is honestly not something you’d go gaga over).

Whatever that twist is, it’s for you to find out. Check out the trailer here:


Voices behind the characters will be led by Cathy Ang, Grammy winner Phillipa Soo (Hamilton), newcomer Robert G. Chiu, Ken Jeong (Crazy Rich Asians), John Cho (Searching), Ruthie Ann Miles (All Rise),  Emmy nominee Margaret Cho, three-time SAG winner Kimiko Glenn (Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse), Artt Butler, and two-time Golden Globe winner Sandra Oh (Killing Eve).

It is directed by Oscar® winner Glen Keane (Dear Basketball) and executive produced by Janet Yang (The Joy Luck Club), Glen Keane, Ruigang Li, Frank Zhu, Thomas Hui. 

‘Over The Moon’ is set to arrive on the streaming giant this fall of 2020.

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