Some mistakes cannot be erased.

This is a line we’ve kept on hearing ever since Netflix K-Drama, Extracurricular, was announced to be coming on Netflix. Now we have the trailer, released yesterday and it’s a mistake we watched it because we’re hooked and stressed out already by the intensity of the events.



If there’s one film or series plot that can always pique the audience’s interest no matter their age, it’s teenagers messing up and facing deadly consequences. Well, let’s face it: there’s still that child in all of us wishing for some badass adventure of a lifetime, and we feed these fantasies by watching films about heists and crime committed by young characters.

Netflix’s Extracurricular may sound pleasantly familiar. It follows the story of high school students falling into a life-threatening situation that resulted from their decisions. Jisoo (Kim Dong-hee) is your typical model student who is reserved for a reason: he’s secretly involved in a life of crime. Gyuri (Park Ju-hyun) is a beauty-and-brain student who joins Jisoo’s operations as a rebellious act against her over-expecting parents. Together, they lead a life outside of academics, which would change their lives for the worse.

We can’t wait!

Extracurricular soon on Netflix

From the looks of it, the intense, suspenseful trailer promises gore, action, and a lot of badassery. Plus, the series is gonna be led by South Korean actor, Kim Dong Hee– the guy who melted our hearts in Itaewon Class, so we know we are in good hands.

Directed by the veteran Kim Jin-min (Lawless Lawyer, The Time Between Dog and Wolf, and Marriage Contract) and written by Jin Han-sae, Extracurricular is set to immerse viewers in an offbeat, haunting tale of teenagers finding themselves in an inescapable life of crime. It premieres worldwide on April 29.

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What do you think about the trailer?

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