If you were given the chance to abandon your life, would you?

Well, without a single hesitation, it is a yes for Miyo Sasaki or ‘Muge‘ from the latest anime in Netflix, “A Whisker Away” ‘directed by Junichi Sato (Sailor Moon) and Tomotaka Shibayama  (Your Lie in April). It follows the story of Miyo who turns into a cat whenever she wants to escape all the pain in reality and to desperately get close to her crush, Kento Hinode.

First off, I love the twist that Miyo would turn into a cat whenever she wants to be with her first love or to somehow run away from her broken family. She will just wear that Cat Mask given by the Mask Seller (who eventually became the villain) and she would definitely transform into a cute cat with glimmering-blue eyes and be wherever she wants to be.

Apparently, we can immediately spot her annoying, obsessive and desperate character. Like for being the protagonist, it’s totally unappealing.

Miyo’s Unhappy Life

As the story unfolds, we could witness somehow her issues with that painful feeling of being in a broken family and depression. Yes, she could be that irking you want to ignore because of being naive when it comes to her feelings and such.  But if you try to be in her shoes, probably you will feel that echoing pain she buried insideand wonder how she manage to be okay. Until you’ve caught her bursting into tears without a warning.

In line with that, it give us clarity why Miyo chose to be cat and leave everything behind. Just like digging a little more just to find a way out in this miserable reality. But of course, to finally embrace that escapism, her humanity must be price. What happens next? Of course, I will not drop a major spoiler. *Winks

Simply put, ‘A Whisker Away‘ is a coming of age story, sprinkled with magic and the world of cats. Even though I dislike some elements of the film like how Miyo behave in front of Hinode and such, I could say that there is subtle glare not just in exploring the wistful relationships but also the abundant reflections in life.

It’s a wholesome fantasy that underpins a coming of age story and serene settings. At some point, it will definitely give you relatable situations where I bet that you will have good enough reasons to abandon your humanity and chooses to be a cat forever.

More so, it also helps us to scrape off that immediate bad-decision-making whenever we’re angry about something and bravely open it up to someone rather being bombarded with decisions that we might regret sooner.

It may be simple yet poignant but to tell you, this anime film imbues us to always to choose that different perspective and accepting changes in our lives which I think are the essentials in surviving this sad reality.

Overall, I could say that you better play this film instead of skipping. Who knows, you might find that wonder at things if you would try to see life in a bigger picture.

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