Netflix Releases Trailer for “The Devil All the Time” Starring Tom Holland and Robert Pattinson

Spiderman and Batman take off their superhero costumes in this Netflix thriller.

Tom Holland is the latest face of Spiderman, while Robert Pattinson is the Bruce Wayne in the new Batman film coming out in 2021. But in this terrifying Netflix film, these two young stars will be playing as a sinner and as a creepy preacher, respectively.

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The world’s leading streaming service has released an intense trailer for ‘The Devil All the Time.’ Directed by Antonio Campos, the rural gothic Netflix flick sees the Far From Home actor receiving a gun from his father and finding himself in spine-chilling situations that involve a variety of sinister characters, including the charismatic, evil preacher portrayed by Pattinson. Set in a backwoods town in Ohio, the story takes place between World War II and the Vietnam War.


As if the casting of Holland and the heartthrob from Twilight doesn’t make this film heavyweight enough, we also see Sebastian Stan– popularly known as MCU’s Bucky Barnes– playing the role of a spooky sheriff. Jason Clarke and Riley Keough also play as a twisted couple. Bill Skarsgård, Mia Wasikowska, Haley Bennett, and Eliza Scanlon play the other eerie-looking figures scattered around the creepy, little town.
The Devil All the Time premieres on Netflix on Sept. 16. Watch the trailer below.
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