Netflix Drops Trailer for ‘Away’ Starring Hilary Swank

AWAY Premieres on Netflix Friday, September 4th.

All these amazing content really making it seem like Netflix has prepared for the pandemic.

Credits: Netflix

Two-time Academy Award winning actress Hilary Swank stars in the all-new Netflix series, ‘Away.’ 

From executive producer Jason Katims (Friday Night LightsParenthood) and showrunner Jessica Goldberg, the sci-fi family drama follows American astronaut Emma Green (Hilary Swank) as she leads her crew on a round-trip mission to Mars that will take three years to fulfill.

The official trailer released by Netflix shows Emma Green struggling to balance her role as a mother who carries the pain of having left behind her husband (Josh Charles) and teenage daughter (Talitha Bateman) at a time when they need her the most, and as a commander of her team– each of whom is also facing the consequences of their own personal sacrifices. To make matters worse, Emma’s family is not doing good back on earth. Her husband suddenly falls ill, putting more burden on their coming-of-age daughter.

There’s no doubt this is gonna be another tear-jerker– like Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar minus the black holes and wormholes. Ready to cry again?

‘Away’ debuts on Netflix Friday, September 4. Watch the trailer below!


*Details and photos provided by Netflix through a press release.

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