In today’s episode of brands taking the leap of faith, Netflix launched a sequel to 2011’s hit jeje song, Dota o Ako, to promote its new anime series DOTA: Dragon’s Blood.

The streaming service is the latest brand to have stepped away from the conventional in an effort to show us that they, too, can have a quirky and absurd sense of humor. And while this isn’t a new strategy (some brands try it, too, but end up looking like a tryhard), I must that Netflix’s attempt has done a commendable job making itself be the talk of the town on a national scale.

Netflix Philippines really woke up on Saturday, said, “Fuck it, let’s share something brave and controversial,” and posted a follow-up music video to 2011’s Dota o Ako, a.k.a. the soundtrack of every Gen Z who grew up in a hot, sticky internet cafe exhausting their life savings for a five-hour DOTA session with friends. Entitled “Dota At Ako (Dota o Ako: 10 Years After),” Filipino viewers are taken on a nostalgic (and cringeworthy) trip back to when they were young and would fight over too much time spent on video games and less on bebe time.

The sequel, posted 10 years after the first song was released, sees the original artists Aikee and Vanessa finally tying the knot, implying that yes, they chose one another. However, at the end of the music video, which incorporates the same cheesy karaoke aesthetic, it is revealed that the lovers not leaving DOTA behind. In fact, their love for the game is also being taken to a whole new level. As shown later on in the video, this gimmick was meant to raise awareness towards “DOTA: Dragon’s Blood,” Netflix’s newly released anime adaptation of Valve’s widely popular game.

Watch Netflix’s DOTA At Ako music video below!


A deeper look into this content would lead you to the discovery that the same agency behind RC Cola’s WTF-inducing short film and Mega Tuna’s ad– both of which became trending for their incredibly absurd concepts– is the same team that came up with it. Well, it only goes to show that the battle for people’s attention is not solely about the most striking visuals and most clever headlines anymore. It’s also about who’s brave enough to give people a taste of something different, even if it means challenging their taste.

DOTA: Dragon’s Blood is now available on Netflix.

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