While the world is turning topsy turvy over the novel coronavirus, Netflix never fails to give us relief through their stories and what’s more, they are giving us more than we expected!

Last 2019, Netflix brought ‘Crash landing on You’ that showcased the popularity of Korean Dramas with excellent content and made it to Top 10 in the Philippines, Thailand, and Taiwan. From reality to crime and sci-fi to romance, and dramas that would totally make you cry, Netflix continues to give us a new slate of stories!

“From K-pop and K-food, to K-zombie and K-content, we’ve seen how much people in different parts of the world love Korean cultures and stories. So we’re excited to announce these new best in class Korean stories for our members,” shared by the Vice President of Korean Content at Netflix, Minyoung Kim.

This month they released the return of their K-zombie series, ‘Kingdom’ which became one of the Top 10 titles in almost every Asian country and they said that it is just part of the beginning!

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What’s New?

With that being said, here’s the slew of series that Netflix prepared for us and these series are truly worth the wait! There will be an action series where the character has been used as a weapon, the story of an ex-convict, a romantic fantasy drama and many more!

“It’s amazing to see how these Korean films and TV resonate with audiences around the world – from Korea to South-East Asia and the Americas. By making it
easy for people to watch films and shows from other countries, we can help them build empathy and develop a shared understanding of the world”, Minyoung added.

The King: Eternal Monarch

From the great writer of  Lovers and Paris, Descendants of the Sun, and Goblin, Kim Eun-suk will serve us another of her masterpieces! This series would be awaited by many starring our ultimate heartthrob, Lee Min Ho and Goblin’s muse, Kim Go-Eun. The King: Eternal Monarch is a romantic fantasy drama but with a twist— a story of people from two parallel universes.

Surely, we’ll be fond of the plot of this upcoming series too! The King: Eternal Monarch premieres in April 2020.


Based on a Webtoon published by Toomix,  Rugal is a human action drama about a former police detective who thought that he lost everything after being suspected as the murderer of his own wife. The drama follows his fight against ARGOS and joins RUGAL after miraculously surviving the risky transplant
eye operation. Now, Gi-beom is born again as a human weapon who will take revenge for his loving wife.

Rugal premieres on April 28!

It’s Okay Not to Be Okay

Bet y’all will wait for this upcoming series starring Kim Soo Hyun who finally returns to the small screen after we waited for so long! It’s Okay to Not Be Okay is about an unusual romance between two people who end up healing each other’s emotional and psychological wounds.

Moon Gang-tae is a psychiatric ward who doesn’t have time for love and Go Moon-young is a storybook writer who clueless about love and also somehow a misfit. This series premieres in June 2020!

Time To Hunt

This film was almost had its special gala screening at 70th Berlin International Film Festival but due to the spread of Coronavirus, it will be released by the streaming giant, Netflix. Perhaps, it’s also a good way to witness by everyone as it entitled as one of the most anticipated Korean films of 2020. This is an action thriller film about an ex-convict who wanted to start afresh with his friends but it seems like there’s a stranger who chases after them.

Will the gang will escape from the hunt? Let’s all together watch this film on April 4!


Previously, the media gone wild as the top Taiwanese actor Jasper Lui will work with one of the top actors in Korea, Lee Seung Gi. It’s a variety show where famous actors will travel to several cities in Asia to meet their fans in person and become friends. The show is still in production and other details will be announced soon!

If you’re a fan of these two, I bet that you’ll tune in their updates!


Serving you another teenage drama in Netflix, Extracurricular tells you about the incidents of a model student who committed a crime to make money for his tuition fee. Unintentionally, his friend was getting involved at the said grave crime and their bad choices will lead them with irreversible consequences.

Well, it’s their choices in life and there’s no turning back. Let’s figure out what will happen to them on April 29!

Which series are you most looking forward to?

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