Recently, internet citizens cheered in awe as various posts about dolphins allegedly returning to Italy amid the coronavirus lockdown surged in popularity.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but no, dolphins have not returned to the waterways in Venice. It is true that swans and dolphins have been spotted swimming in the waterways and canals of Italy, but a quick fact check would lead you to the truth that this is not a new phenomenon. National Geographic assures that this has nothing to do with the COVID-19 pandemic.

What’s true, though, is that the earth is in a stage of amazing recovery.

The COVID-19 situation isn’t all bad news and lockdown anxieties. With humanity being forced to stay indoors to contain the spread of the deadly disease, pollution on earth has greatly reduced. Scientists have confirmed that the ozone layer above Antarctica has been recovering, the pollution-driven hole on it starting to close. This is considered nature’s much-needed break, having suffered from human carelessness for so long.

Nature is healing memes

And with the news about the self-healing earth comes the internet meme-fying the event. A series of “wildlife returns to nature” memes has been springing up on social media, once again proving that humans are also a form of virus themselves.


Source: Reddit

We need distractions

We don’t encourage fabricating news, like the one they did with the dolphins. But we can’t blame people for holding onto things that distract them from the terrible reality of the global pandemic. A deadly disease, a collapsing economy, cabin fever that makes us feel lonely– it all takes its toll on our mental health. It’s only fitting that people rely on good news and entertaining content to survive the crisis. (Read more: A Brief History of Juan Ponce Enrile According to Memes)

Although yes, we agree. We are the virus.

How are you coping with the pandemic crisis?

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