Another fantasy drama is set to premiere on Netflix this May!

Starring Hwang Jung-eum, Yook Sung-jae and Choi Won-young, Mystic Pop-up Bar is a fantasy drama about a surly late-night bar owner and her naive young part-timer, who enter their customers’ dreams to counsel them and help resolve their emotional baggage. To tell you, this highly anticipated k-drama is scheduled to release in May 20!

If you haven’t seen the trailer yet, you can check it below!

To give you more details,  Kang-bae played by Yook Sung-jae (who’s really familiar because of Goblin) was born with the gift of clairvoyance that brought him together with Weol-ju played by Hwang Jung-eum. She’s the one who enters customers’ dreams to help ease unresolved sorrows. Now, Weol-ju has a quota to fulfill: help 100,000 troubled souls. To do so, she must enlist the help of Kang-bae who is a human magnet for other people’s problems and sorrow.

More so, Kang-bae sees Weol-ju’s divine healing power as the last glimmer of hope to free him from his empathetic magnetism. As they cross between the mystic pop up bar in this World and people’s dreams in the World-In-Between, their fates intertwine.

What’s more, this Netflix Original k-drama series is based on the webtoon Ssanggap Pocha by author Bae Hye-Soo. From the director of The Package and What Happens to My Family?Jun Chang Geun will probably serve us another great series!

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What do you think about the upcoming ‘Mystic Pop-up Bar’ series?

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