The Korean entertainment industry has garnered a wide audience in the Philippines ever since.

We all have fallen in love with Korean dramas because of the ~kilig~ it gives us and the stories and lessons we get from them. Aside from binge-watching K-dramas, we have also embraced Korean pop, most popularly known as K-pop, following some of the biggest groups known around the world today like BLACKPINK, BTS, and TWICE.

Now, after getting to know popular Korean groups and actors through K-dramas and K-pop, we turn to another type of Korean TV entertainment, variety shows! Take it from us, their variety shows are one of the most fun and entertaining shows we’ve ever watched!

The best thing about these shows is that they’re not just the typical tv shows where hosts interview guests or feature the guests’ life. Korean variety shows have different creative formats. Some incorporate games and sports, some have special formats for talk shows, and most recently, vlog-type shows. Note that all these variety shows reflect reality with an easy-going and relaxed atmosphere.

So, without further a due, here are some of the best Korean variety shows you should watch to brighten your day!

Running Man


Running Man is part of SBS’ Good Sunday lineup which aired for the first time in 2010. Initially, it was known as an “urban action variety”, in an urban setting with a category of variety shows where the shows regular cast must finish different missions every episode. In Running Man’s 10 years on television, they have already been joined by famous Korean actors and idols. But international stars like Jackie Chan, Ryan Reynolds, and Tom Cruise have already joined the fun with their group!

2 Days & 1 Night


2 Days & 1 Night brings its cast members to South Korea’s most beautiful locations. During their visit, the cast is tasked to carry out missions to win the round and avoid getting punished. It’s a delight watching each group trying to outwit each other just to be able to rank first, or at least avoid being in the last place.

The Return of Superman


The Return of Superman shows the daily lives of celebrity dads and their kids. The show basically documents what happens with the life of the dad and children without mom at home. Whether you love kids, or you’re the dad that gets left home alone with the kids, you will definitely enjoy the fun and cuteness that happens in this show!

My Little Old Boy


Similar to The Return of Superman but without the children, My Little Old Boy shows the lives of celebrities who are still single and living alone. This shows makes the audience see that even though celebrities are in a position where they earn and do different things, they are still normal people facing everyday challenges as we all do.

Law of the Jungle


Law of the Jungle is a reality-documentary that airs on SBS. Each episode features celebrities sent across the globe to survive in remote locations like the jungle. If you’re the type of person who would love to see how Korean actors and idols would survive in the wild, this is the perfect show for you! You will see how they find ways to live in the jungle, from building their own home and looking for food to eat. It’s definitely a must-watch!



If you want an enjoyable show that will make you think and solve stuff, Busted! Is the perfect show to watch! This whodunnit series includes a panel of Korean entertainers who team up with some of the biggest names in K-drama to solve mysteries. Its cast members include Park Min Young, Yoo Jae Suk, Ahn Jae Wook, Kim Jong Min, Lee Kwang Soo, Kim Se Jeong, and Sehun of EXO.

Which show made you laugh?

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