Miss Iloilo may have won the crown, but Miss Manila has definitely won the internet crowd.

The highly anticipated coronation night of Miss Universe Philippines 2020 just concluded on October 25, presenting a new set of reigning beauty queens. Taking the prestigious title is Iloilo City’s Rabiya Mateo. First to become the titleholder under the new Miss Universe Philippines organization, the 23-year-old Ilongga beauty will be representing the country at the upcoming Miss Universe competition.

Mateo is followed by Paranaque’s Maria Ysabella Ysmael (1st Runner Up) and Quezon City’s Michele Gumabao (2nd Runner Up). Bohol’s Pauline Amelinckx took the 3rd Runner Up spot, while Cavite’s Kimberly Hakenson took the 4th.

But even before the grand coronation event, Filipinos on social media were already naming their bets. During the preliminary interview, the audience was able to witness who had the guts and the brains to proceed to the much bigger Miss Universe 2020. A handful of candidates went viral for how they responded to the series of questions from the panel of judges.

One of the standouts is Manila’s representative, a Sampaloc star named Alexandra Abdon. Her authentic way of conversating with the panel paved the way for her interview clip to achieve social media virality.

Before the mandatory self-introduction part, she requested the panel to wait as she needed to take a breather– something you don’t see very often done by a candidate. Just when she was asked if she was ready to start the interview, she explained, in a candid manner, how climbing the stairs plus the cold Baguio air had made her breathless.

“Pinapatay ko ang aircon kanina, wala palang aircon (I was asking for the aircon to be turned off earlier, but it turns out there is no aircon),” Miss Manila said jokingly.

Replying to the prompt to tell the judges something about herself, she said some basic details about herself. “I’m from Sampaloc, Manila actually so, super natural ko lang,” said Alexandra. “Kasi, basically ganito talaga kami sa Manila– like hindi kami super nagfe-fake ng personality namin.”

While Miss Manila would answer each question in a serious manner, her statements often ended with a quick witty remark. She even made jokes about the timer, telling the director to just chill at one point.

As soon as Alexandra Abdon’s interview clip was posted on social media, people were quick to voice out their appreciation for the candidate’s unorthodox handling of the heat, calling her a true representation of Manileños. Of course, there were naysayers commenting on how she clearly didn’t fit the Miss U standards, but most of her supporters would reason that Miss Manila was just enjoying her time in the competition.

These are what the Twitter world had to say about our new kween.

Well, Miss Manila might have lost the Miss Universe Philippines title, she’s undoubtedly earned her spot in the hearts of the people she represents. She has shown everyone that true beauty can be expressed by simply being comfortable with your authentic self. For that alone, she’s a queen who doesn’t need to wear a crown.

What do you think about Miss Manila?

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