Band Munimuni answers Quest’s tweet about a generation that takes offense easily.

And this is because couple of days ago, a tweet from local artist Quest went viral. This tweet is composed of only three words, and didn’t even reach 140 characters. But it went so viral because of its controversial social comment. This is when Munimuni answers to Quest’s tweet.

As of writing, this tweet has gotten more than 11,000 likes, more than 4,000 retweets, and quite a lot of comments.

Quest even replied to some of the tweets, which stir a commotion among music fans and woke Twitter.

One of the most memorable comments on this tweet includes that of the band Munimuni’s.

Munimuni’s quote-tweet got more than 2,000 retweets and almost 10,000 likes. This is a little less than Quest’s original tweet, but that doesn’t make their point any less valid.

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