Goodbye Mr. Sun and say hello to the rainy season!

The rainy season is approaching, which means it’s about to get cold! That cold weather where you just want to be in bed all day and scroll through your phone while being covered by blankets and pillows.

But since we are in quarantine, this may be just a daily routine for you. Watching films is the best thing to do when you just want to lay down in bed and just finish that pack of Doritos or Lays you have in your pantry. It does not require you to do any movement as long as you put those bags of chips and a warm cup of hot chocolate beside you. Good thing that we have all these platforms to consume content on such as YouTube, Hulu, Netflix to keep us company while we murder that bag of chips.

But not all films are entertaining to watch during this season. There are certain things that you need to consider when choosing the right film to binge when you are hogging up the blankets and pillow.

First, it has to be light. You don’t want to be watching some gruesome action scenes unless you are into it then it’s fine of course! You want something that will complement the laziness you are feeling, so you want something light or a film that is not a thinker. Second, it has to be a balance between comedy and little bits of romance and emotion. I mean wouldn’t you find that perfect experience while eating chips and being under the sheets.

Now I know there are numerous films out there to consider and you may have watched them already. Well now is a good time to visit some not that old movies that will definitely give you a good viewing experience as you try to stay cozy. So here are some proven oldies but goodie films out there that will surely keep you warm during these cold days!

50 First Dates

Of course, Adam Sandler should start this list. I mean he has starred in some of the best rom-com and comedy films out there. And 50 first dates is definitely one of them. It is a story about a playboy Henry who fell in love with Lucy who has a short-term memory loss. Henry then does his best to make sure that Lucy will remember and fall with him. Aren’t we a sucker for these kinds of films? I mean trying to court someone every day just to make sure that the person does not forget us? Isn’t that sweetest or what?


The Wedding Singer

Another Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore film. I remember watching this film for the first time, and I had tears in my eyes. You know, a little but not that much. Not because it was a sad film but because of how good it was.

The Wedding Singer is a story about a wedding singer Robbie and Julia a waitress who, when they met, hit it off. But the catch is that Julia is engaged to a douche. And Robbie tries his best to show Julia does not deserve what’s his face. Oh, and this is where the song Grow Old With You came from. Yup, true story. This film is definitely worth watching but sadly it is not available on Netflix but I think it is uploaded on YouTube. So give it a shot!


The Notebook

I know I said light, but come on, Nicholas Sparks? You have to watch films based on his works or better read them! The Notebook is definitely a classic that you need to watch. Yup, not a film that you have to watch, but a need. At least once in your life.  And now is a perfect time if you are looking to binge some movies during this cold weather. The story follows the life of Noah and Allie who had a summer love, but Allie’s parents were not fond of the relationship because of Noah’s social status. They meet again after years, and the rest, well, you have to watch it. It’s a film that is better experienced first hand. So grab that bag of chips and watch it!


A Walk To Remember

Personally, my favorite Nicholas Sparks novel based films. If The Wedding put me into light tears, this film just made burst. But whatever. I guess I’m a little sucker for those love stories and rom-com, but who isn’t? Anyway, the movie is about Landon Carter who was placed under disciplinary actions for taking part in a prank that caused one of their school mate to be hospitalized. He then meets Jamie Sullivan, a reverend’s daughter who he starts to rehearse with for a school play that is a part of Landon’s disciplinary action. And they start to fall in love. But of course, there are twists and turns in every film so check it out yourself. Another film that you definitely need to watch.


White Chicks

Every meal needs that one desert, and this is it. If you are going to watch this in order according to the list, you need something to uplift you after those emotional films. White Chicks is definitely the way to go. It is a story about two FBI agents, Kevin and Marcus Copeland who are assigned to protect the Wilson Twins from the possible threats of abduction– their final straw in proving that they are worthy of continuing their job as an agent. But an unexpected car accident gave the Wilson twins a scar and they refuse to leave the hotel. So Kevin and Marcus disguised themselves as the Wilson Twins and the rest is history!


What are your favorite films to watch during rainy seasons?

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