There’s a new Holmes in town!

Stranger Things’ breakout star Millie Bobby Brown is cast as Enola Holmes in an all-new Netflix original film the same title as her name. The streaming service has just dropped the trailer for it, and aside from the star-studded cast and interesting premise, we cannot wait to see more of Henry Cavill’s beautiful hair. Watch the trailer below!


Enola Holmes is being introduced as the teen sister of renowned detective Sherlock Holmes. The trailer opens to her character narrating, which will most probably happen all throughout the film. After revealing an interesting fact about her name– it’s ALONE, spelled backwards– Enola talks about her close relationship with her mother, played by Elena Bonham Carter. But then, she wakes up one day to find her mother missing, and that’s when her Holmes blood comes into play.

Joining in her mission to unravel their mother’s whereabouts are her brothers Mycroft and Sherlock, played by Sam Claflin and Henry Cavill, respectively. However, Enola’s rebellious tendencies force her to run away and set off on an adventure alone. 

An action-packed mystery film, it stars Millie Bobby Brown, Sam Claflin, Henry Cavill, and Helena Bonham-Carter. It’s directed by British film and television director, Harry Bradbeer, who is known for Fleabag.

Elona Holmes streams September 23rd on Netflix.

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