Word is out that Big Hero 6 could be coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe as part of its continuous expansion. This was according to TheDisinsider, a website dedicated to bringing people the latest and exclusive Disney scoops.

As more and more characters are introduced in the MCU thanks to the Disney and Fox merger, Baymax, Hiro, and other Big Hero 6 members are also allegedly making their way to the popular superhero-centered media franchise.

While the report acknowledges that they aren’t sure which members of the six-man superhero ensemble are taking the leap from animation to live-action, they say that we can at least expect Baymax and Hiro. They add that they have yet to confirm what project would see these characters making their live-action debut, but based on what the insiders have heard so far, we’ve got Secret InvasionAgents of Atlas, and Doctor Strange. Also, there’s no word yet on whether or not the actors in the animated film will be back to reprise their roles.

Well, a Big Hero 6-meets-MCU event is definitely something we should all be looking forward to. But for those of you who might be unfamiliar with their history, this crossover isn’t a random move. Before appearing in Disney’s animated film in 2014, Big Hero 6 had first appeared in a comic book series of the same name by writer Scott Lobdell and artist Gus Vasquez.

You read that right! The Marvel Comics series, launched in 1998, was a three-issue miniseries that followed the story of Sunfire meeting Hiro Takachiho and the Big Hero 6. Disney’s animated film, while being inspired by the original comics, had made big changes in the plot to make it more appealing to its young audiences. (Bonus trivia: The 2014 kids’ animated film actually marks the first time Disney has ever featured Marvel characters.)

As of this writing, Marvel has not issued an official statement addressing this rumor.

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