Mamamoo ends their Four Seasons project with a bold and eccentric party banger, Gogobebe.

Gogobebe by Mamamoo completes the ladies’ seasons album concept. Gogobebe (고고베베) drops right at the end of Winter season, for their last album and it features the Wheein. The song and it’s accompanying music video looks fun and all but it was indeed an anticlimactic end for their season album.

As mentioned above, Gogobebe dropped right before the winter season wraps up. But the track strays from the usual sound you hear during the winter season. Instead of opting for a ballad, the ladies went on with a colorful dance track featuring their own personality and quirks. No doubt, the song has an upbeat melody, topped with catchy lyrics and paired with bold and eccentric visuals. From the choreography, lyrics, music video plot and aesthetics, Mamamoo surely knows how to make an impression for themselves.


In Gogobebe, Mamamoo showed how truly eccentric and unique they are, as a group and as an individual. Moonbyul rocked the suit she was wearing and oozed with personality. Hwasa’s scene in the bathroom gave her magical touch to her overall look in the music video. While Solar’s hairclips, thigh-high boots and oversized sweater added a bit of playfulness to her. And of course, Wheein looked sporty and chic at the same time. Despite the different clashing outfits and looks, the girls manage to complement each other and give an aesthetically pleasing tone. And I made a mental note of their iconic holding up their ponytail in the choreography. Looked simple but it added that dash of originality to the dance moves they have.

However, there’s this slight drag for the track itself. It wasn’t the ending that everyone was waiting for. Sure, it was a fun and amazing track on its own. But it didn’t feel lang a banger ending fans were hoping for. It lacked the kind of strong structure that defines most of their previous work. But still, Gogobebe is a go-getter song. It might have been anticlimactic but it still delivers that Mamamoo essence we always loved.

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