VIRAL: Maja Salvador receives hate as WOD judge

Is it a yay? Or a nay? Netizens have spoken about the World of Dance Philippines set of judges. And Maja Salvador receives hate as WOD judge.

World of Dance, a hit international dance competition is now in the Philippines. Dancers from all over the country will be participating in the competition to win that slot to the World of Dance in US. Amateurs and professional dancers from ages 8 and above will gather to show what they’ve got and wow the whole country.

But even before the show has started, it has been the talk of the town, especially the panel of judges. It was a month ago when the panel of judges was revealed. The judges of World of Dance are Mr. Pure Energy Gary Valenciano, Billy Crawford, and your “Majasty” Maja Salvador. The flaming wasn’t that bad around that time. But just this week, when the show is about to start, netizens came for them. Well, they came for Maja Salvador.

Coined as the local showbiz’ “Dance Princess”, Maja Salvador has been receiving hate for being a WOD judge. Maja has been dancing her way through ASAP since 2003. And a lot of people admire her for her dancing skills, aside from her top-notch acting skills. But this time, instead of receiving support, she had been receiving negative feedback and hate for being in the panel of judges.

Netizens have bombarded World of Dance PH’s post of Maja Salvador with a lot of comments. Yes, the comments are mixed with support and hate. But when skimming through the comments section, the majority of the comments are against her. People are claiming that Maja Salvador doesn’t deserve to be a judge of such prestigious dance competition. Indeed the actress has been dancing for ASAP for how many years. But it is not much of credibility to put her as a judge as some netizens say.

Hate on WOD Judge Maja Salvador

Below are some of the comments in World of Dance PH’s post on Maja Salvador.

They believe that there are other ABS CBN talents that really deserve the judge spot in the World of Dance PH. They’ve named Yassi Pressman, an undeniably great dancer, Teacher Georcelle of G-Force dance group and even Showtime’s Sample Kings Vhong Navarro and Jhong Hilario. Brian Puspos and Jay Mastah were included in the list of their desired judges.

Among their comments, some said that Maja has no other dance experience outside ASAP itself. Which is somehow true. Some have said that this might be a tactic to get more viewers to watch the show. However, something like this denies the real purpose of the show. WOD intends to get the best of the best dancers in the country and send them to compete in the US. If the show, per se, gets a judge who is not *that* “credible” to be judge, how can they select the best crew? In other words, how can you judge the dancers if they don’t know much about the technicalities of dancing itself?

Though there are still fans who supported Maja’s accomplishment in being part of the said show. But despite that, the hate is still coming. It still hasn’t died down and we might see more of this hate in the upcoming episodes of the show.

But one thing’s for sure, Maja Salvador will be the WOD judge. Credible or not, she’ll be judging. So if you still want to see the show and be the judge of her, the show will premiere tomorrow, January 12, 2019.

Will you be watching as Maja Salvador receives hate as WOD judge? Do you agree with her being the judge or not? Share us your thoughts on the comments down below. Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh

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