Will the fifth installment of Lucifer be delayed on Netflix?

Aside from Money Heist, Stranger Things and other hit series on Netflix, of course, we’re also waiting for the release date of Lucifer’s Season 5. But due to the outbreak of the pandemic crisis, everyone is asking if Netflix will cancel the show or will it just be delayed.

To tell you, Lucifans will have a mixed kind of news as Netflix confirmed that it will be the final season of Lucifer series and yes, more likely it will be also delayed. That’s not lovely, right? Wait, I can hear Lucifer Morningstar’s accent.

However, thanks to Netflix that they have resurrected the show and let the showrunners Joe Henderson and Ildy Modrovich, finish the story. According to them, they’ve run into “post-production hiccups,”. Given the show was planned to be split across two parts and yes, the first eight episodes have been shot, but the crew would still need to complete the special effects. Additionally, there will be other vital behind-the-scenes to be worked on also.

You can expect a total of 16 episodes for the last season of Lucifer. After releasing the first eight this year, the rest of the 8 episodes will air maybe next year. To tell you, the production on the show may have been stalled, but the writers and producers of the show were sharing numerous behind the scenes pictures in their social media accounts because, hell yea, we cannot wait anymore!

Unfortunately, they are not leaking any official promo video yet. However, we will update you guys once it lands here. Make sure to stay tuned for the latest Lucifer season 5 updates!

Are you excited to know what will happen to Lucifer?

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