On the bright side, at least it didn’t get canceled.

The open ending of the first season of Love Alarm really left too much to the imagination which was why us eager fans cried out for Season 2! Our wishes were granted with an official announcement of a second season in October of 2019.


Now, almost a year since that promise of a season 2 and still no word from Netflix? No teaser? Not even a poster?

I guess all we have to hold on to this post by the production company in charge of the Love Alarm project.

Production H celebrates the 1st year anniversary since the successful release of Love Alarm Season 1 on August 22. In the caption, the hashtag #2021년상반기 caught the attention of fans which translates to “First half of 2021.”

Some articles which covered the delay in the said drama’s release got statements from Netflix representatives explaining the cause was the global pandemic. Totally understandable as is everything else which was left at a standstill with the global pandemic and the new normal getting in the way of a lot of events as well.

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Love Alarm Season 2 will still feature the same bunch of cast members with Kim So-hyun, Song Kang, and Jung Ga-ram in the lead. Let’s all patiently await the day we get to hear the wonderful bells of the Love Alarm on an all-new season!

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