Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil show off ML skills in a live stream with Eruption

Are we gonna be seeing LizQuen launching their own live-streaming channel soon?

Liza Soberano just gave us another reason to stan when she and Enrique Gil joined Eruption (aka FitGamer) in his Mobile Legends stream. Posted on September 12 on Eric Eruption Tai’s Facebook page, the live stream was a full, 4-hour series of matches featuring LizQuen as guest players.

As newbie ML players, Liza and Enrique are still in the Grandmaster division, which is the fourth highest out of seven divisions in the game’s rank list. This prompted Eruption, who has been playing the game far longer, to switch to a smurf account that is within the same division as the couple. However, just because they’re new to the game doesn’t mean they play bad; in fact, it’s quite the opposite.

To everyone’s surprise, Liza Soberano proved herself to be a reliable team carry– a position that a lot of players find intimidating since the team basically relies on you and your hero’s damage to win. Using Karrie, a blade-throwing marksman, Soberano showed off her mad gaming skills that even earned her the MVP title a few times. Enrique Gil, on the other hand, played as Liza’s tank-support in most of the matches, keeping her company on the map to make sure she’s safe (Sana all). Of course, there was the constant guidance of the more experienced Eruption, who either played the role of an offlaner or a support for the couple.

LizQuen’s team ended with 8 wins and 2 matches– a sign that the couple could have a future in streaming. In just two days since it aired, the live-stream has already garnered over 103,000 reactions, 114,000 comments, and 3 million views. Watch the full video below!


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(Note: We have made a few changes in the article after some of Liza’s fans pointed out that she wasn’t at her home during the live stream. We initially made the article about Liza’s appearance in Eruption’s video being an indication that her issue with her previous internet service provider, which recently made headlines, was finally resolved.)

What do you think about Liza and Enrique’s gaming skills?

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