Our Wonderland becomes a very deadly place in Netflix’s upcoming film’ Alice in Borderland.’

Much like the magnificent brainchild of Lewis Caroll that serves as one of the founders of the epic fantasy genre in literature, ‘Alice in Bonderland’ is about a group of people who find themselves in a strange world called ‘Borderland.’ However, this isn’t all talking rabbits and dancing flowers, for this Netflix adaptation of a Haro Aso manga of the same name is a lot darker. Rather than a fairytale, think of it as more of ‘Cube.’

The streaming service has recently dropped the trailer for this film, and based on what we’ve seen, there are too much drama, action, and mystery going on we just wanna fast-forward the time already so we can know what exactly is happening.

Alice in Borderland follows Ryōhei (Kento Yamazaki), Daikichi (Keita Machida), and Chōta (Yûki Morinag) as they find themselves suddenly plunged into a deserted and powerless Tokyo City. In search of answers, they stumble upon a store that seems to be the only place with electricity, where they meet a mysterious girl who explains that they’re all in a deadly game. The only way they can survive is by winning a series of games, all controlled by an evil ruler who gives them instructions through their cellphones.

A heart-pounding, hour-long ride of thrilling action, ‘Alice in Borderland’ becomes available for streaming on December 10th, only on Netflix! Watch the trailer below!


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