Like reading books, playing podcasts helps us escape our own minds and get inside others’. The only difference is, we can do it on top of other activities like walking, taking a bath, working, and whatsoever. Not only it gives us a break from our train of thoughts (that have the tendency to spiral out of control), it also allows us to learn about the perspectives of others who are smarter and wittier than ourselves.

News headlines draining you again? Burned out by your 9-5 job? The bleakness of the pandemic situation fueling your anxiety? Well, disconnect. Get your headphones on and listen to these Filipino comedy podcasts.

The Koolpals

Hosted by GB Labrador, James Caraan, and Nonong Ballinan, this channel is literally the very thing you’ll get when a group of stand-up comedians decided to record themselves having a conversation: hours of chaotic fun.


Boiling Waters PH

While their content focuses heavily on the ins and outs of a romantic relationship, the clever and humor-packed storytelling of the host balances out the seriousness of the topic, allowing for a kind of entertainment that both inspires, opens your eyes to substantial realizations, and gives you the giggles.


Ang Walang Kwentang Podcast

Take two sassy, quick-witted friends and have them casually chat about the most random topics for an hour, then you’ll get Ang Walang Kwentang Podcas– a Spotify exclusive featuring the prolific filmmaker Antoinette Jadaone and spoken poetry artist Juan Miguel Severo. Sometimes you’ll learn, sometimes you’ll cry, but the majority of times you’ll find yourself just having a fun time eavesdropping on the hilarious exchanges between the hosts.


Walwal Sesh

It’s most probably been quite a while since your last inuman session with your friends. At this point, you’ve been longing for those honest-to-God, face-to-face conversations that make you tear up and laugh at the same time– convos that only get more intense with every shot of beer. Well, this podcast is the closest thing you’ll get to experiencing those fun, intimate times with your favorite people.

Spearheaded by Sir Renz, Doc Gia, and Vino, ‘Walwal Sesh’ covers a wide variety of topics that every Gen Z and millennials will relate to– from relationships, self-care mental health, to sex, and more.


The Linya-Linya Show

Welcome to the brilliant mind of Linya-linya founder and writer Ali Sangalang. This podcast not only entertains but serves its listeners with buckets of wisdom mostly about self-improvement. Dip in and out of the episodes and you’ll walk off one advice wiser than you were an hour ago.


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