Once again, the greatest killjoy on earth named COVID-19 has prevailed.

As social distancing remains to be strictly imposed to help mitigate the spread of the COVID-19– a new disease caused by the coronavirus, gatherings in large groups is strictly prohibited. As a consequence, movie theaters and film festivals around the world were also called off. Blockbusters originally set to hit the theaters on March to July have been postponed.

U DO U has made a list of some of the most highly anticipated Hollywood film releases that unfortunately had to be moved to a later date.

Wonder Woman 1984

Warner Bros.

A sequel to 2017’s Wonder Woman and the ninth installment in the DC Extended Universe, Wonder Woman 1984 brings Gal Gadot back to the action, and this time with Kristen Wiig and Pedro Pascal.

Original release date: June 2020
New release date: Aug 14, 2020

Black Widow

Marvel Studios

A much-awaited standalone film for Black Widow,  Scarlet Johansson shows us the  story of how this femme-fatale came about before her life as one of the Avengers. Although fans had been quite confused as to what the film setting would be considering that (spoiler alert!) Black Widow had died sacrificing herself to obtain the soul stone in Endgame, it is still a major disappointment that we wouldn’t have the answers for a while.

Original release date: May 2020
New release date: Unspecified

A Quiet Place Part II


The sequel to what is considered by some critics to be a modern horror classic was bound to hit the big screen this month. Unfortunately, we’ve got a much scarier enemy: the threats of a fast-spreading disease, so we have to wait a little longer before we see (and hopefully hear from) the Abbott family.

Original release date: March 2020
New release date: Unspecified date in 2020


The live-action remake of a classic Disney animated film was also expected to come out this March. But due to the growing concerns over the pandemic, Disney had no other option but to postpone its theatrical release.

Original release date: March 2020
New release date: Unspecified

The New Mutants


After 18 released dates, we finally had one we could trust. The release of this horror X-men film was supposed to happen next month. And now we wait again, uncertain when we will finally get to see the new generation of mutants.

Original release date: April 2020
New release date: Unspecified

Any other films you know that have been delayed?

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