Fans of the long-running medical series Grey’s Anatomy are crying bittersweet tears after the announcement of the return of this beloved character.

Last season was such a nostalgia-filled treat to the fans after the unexpected return of Derek Shepherd and George O’Malley– two important guys in Meredith’s life who have tragically departed many years ago. Derek, also known as McDreamy, was the first one to reunite with his wife on the beach, which is like a life-and-death place where Meredith’s dreams take place as she battles with COVID-19. George, nicknamed 007, followed suit in a later episode.

Now, everyone is bracing themselves for the return of yet another fan-favorite– Lexie, the half-sister of Meredith who left at the end of season 8 when she died in a plane crash. Grey’s Anatomy has recently released a promotional video for the next episode, revealing the next “surprise beach guest.”

Lexie, played by Chyler Leigh, first appeared in the show in the third season finale. She came to Seattle Grace Hospital as a new surgical intern and was introduced as Meredith’s younger paternal half-sister. Her storyline mostly revolved around her unsteady relationship with plastics attending Mark Sloan, before the two of them got involved in a plane crash and unfortunately, didn’t survive.

With all these big returns happening, we are in a good position to expect some of our other favorites to show up again, as well. At this point, the internet is filled with people going gaga over the possibility of what once was thought to be impossible: a Slexie reunion. Well, it’s another story we might see in the near future but for now, let’s just get a hold of ourselves because the Grey sisters beach reunion is surely going to be an emotional ride.

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