Last week’s teaser promised us happy times but the episodes we got were more of an emotional roller coaster ride.

The much-anticipated episodes 9 and 10 of ‘It’s Okay To Not Be Okay’ dropped over the weekend and has left fans feeling all over the place. We’re already half-way through this drama and it should be sunshine and rainbows for Kang-tae and Moon-young, right? And that’s how we thought it will be all throughout episode 9. The last 5 minutes however takes a turn towards one of the most heartbreaking scenes thus far.

It follows with episode 10 that brings us no comfort from a fiasco ending the day before. We’re lulled into yet again a painful journey of watching our leads struggle with their traumas.

A sad yet necessary push for them to finally face their past guilt, a step closer to letting go.

Let’s relive the latest episodes on both the happy and sad bits and pieces:

*Spoiler Alert*

The Kilig Moments

The Almost Kiss

This scene had us pulling our hair in frustration. Everything was perfect until a dear (now the most hated animal in k-drama land) ruins it. The soft look Kang-tae gives Moon-young before he leans in for a kiss had us squealing in our pillows. Alas, seeing them replaying the memory in their heads later that night almost made up for it.


The Trip

Our leads enjoy a trip to the mountains and we see how free and happy Kang-Tae is. Moon-young however even with a seemingly tough exterior, is apparently afraid of heights but finds the courage to eventually walk across a shaky bridge just because Kang-Tae wants to appreciate the view.

We also get to witness the adorable selfie-taking of Moon-young and Kang-Tae! Ackk their eye-smiles look so much alike — it’s absolutely charming.



Yes! We actually get a real kiss this episode. Kang-tae makes the decision to accept what he feels towards Moon-young and the result is beautiful. He hands her flowers, a mirror of his younger self, and tells Moon-young not to trample on it this time. She smiles and says it’s beautiful. He answers “You too”. He leans down and this time it’s successful. *SQUEEELS*


The Tearjerker 

The King Has Donkey Ears

Some might have missed this detail but like every episode in this series, episode 9 is named after a fairy tail. In Korean folklore, there’s a story about a king with donkey ears. The only one who knew this was the king’s crown maker, who felt burdened by the heavy secret. Before he died, the crown maker shouted the secret in the bamboo forest and the act of speaking it out loud made him feel free.

Wanting to learn more about Kang-tae, Moon-young mentions this story to Sang-tae. She encourages him that confiding to her would bring him relief. Sang-tae only puts this advice to heart later, the moment he felt betrayed by his brother. He shouts across the hospital the secret he carried for more than a decade. “My brother tried to kill me.” As much as it hurts, the acting in this scene was exceptionally executed.


Kang-tae pushing Moon-young away

Sang-tae’s reaction brings repercussions to Moon-young and Kang-tae’s budding relationship. For Kang-tae, his brother always came first, and naturally he tramples down his feelings to push Moon-young away. We can’t say we didn’t see this coming but to witness Moon-young open her heart and be rejected is difficult to watch.


“Don’t abandon me”

Nothing beats Kang-tae and Sang-tae’s, brotherly love. We see how tormented Kang-tae is knowing that his brother never forgot the incident in the lake. But like how it’s always been for them, forgiveness follows a fight. It’s hard for Kang-tae to know that Sang-tae fears abandonment and this is proven by his reaction to this which is even more heart-wrenching. *Sniffs* I just want them two to find peace and accept Moon-young into their little family. (Can they do this soon?)


Final Thoughts

‘It’s Okay To Not Be Okay’ has continuously lived up to expectations. These last 2 episodes might have focused more on the melancholic reality of how difficult life is but Sang-tae’s outburst was a much-needed revelation for Kang-tae.

He carried the guilt of briefly leaving his brother to drown for so long and now it’s time for them to confront it.

I’m enjoying every character and  howtheir relationship with one another unfolds and grows. Jeong-tae and Ah-reum’s loyalty to Kang-tae. Ju-ri’s mom being a mother to everyone. Sang-in and his wise words to the girls and petty fights with Jae-soo. Even Ju-ri and her drunken antics are starting to grow on me.

But the character that really has our heads churning is patient Park Ok-ran. Despite every clue the drama has pointed out, I’m still doubting she’s Moon-young’s mother. She could be an aunt, a fan of the writer, or like everyone else in the hospital, a patient that has mental problems. How did she know about Moon-young’s family secrets? I guess we just have to wait and find out.

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What’s your favorite part of last weekend’s episodes?

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