Latest Wonder Woman Trailer Features Kristen Wiig as Cheetah

DC’s FanDome has happened again, and one of the highlights that shook up the world is the new trailer for the highly anticipated ‘Wonder Woman 1984.’

The first trailer released last year offers glimpses of the new area following the World War 1 setting from the 2017 movie. We also got to see the new and improved costume via a social media post that Diana is gonna be wearing once she battles it all out against her enemies. But while all of these teasers merely confirm that the sequel will be just as big– or even bigger– than the original, none of it gives out the full-blown identity of the next big boss.

Thankfully, the brand-new trailer featured in the first-ever virtual fan convention by DC Comics did us the favor. It shows Kristen Wiig transitioning from being a nerdy, harmless-looking friend to Diana to a gritty, wild beast in the form of a villainous creature named Cheetah.

Can she pull it off?

Kristen Wiig is hailed as one of the best female comedians in Hollywood today. Kicking off her career by joining the Saturday Night Live cast and being a mainstay powerhouse on the prestigious show from 2005 to 2012, she eventually got her big break in film, playing characters that showcase her comedic roots until she took on more serious roles.

These being said, her take on DC’s Cheetah is still a minor cause for concern to some fans. As a key aspect of the story, a lot of the sequel’s turning out would rely on Wiig being able to pull off the role of a superhero villain, which is a first time for her. However, there are also fans who cannot wait to see what Wiig can offer this time. After all, she’s an incredibly talented actress; she has given life to countless memorable characters during her stint on SNL and that alone speaks volumes about her versatility.

Gal Gadot is back as the Amazonian warrior for the sequel. Surprisingly, Chris Pine also reprises his role as Trevor, who presumably died in the 2017 film. The sequel also sees Pedro Pascal playing Maxwell Lord. Director Patty Jenkins returns for the new movie. Watch the all-new trailer for Wonder Woman 1984 below.


What do you think about the new Wonder Woman Trailer?

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