For an entire day, people across social media flocked to Walt Disney Studios’ pages to give their best guess on whose silhouette was in this photo.


The caption accompanying the photo teased that there would be a Filipino-language song in the soundtrack of Disney’s upcoming animated flick ‘Raya and the Last Dragon,’  and it was performed by “one of the most powerful voices” in the Philippines. Disney’s little guessing game gimmick sent fans into a frenzy, sparking speculations on the mystery person’s identity.

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Many netizens claimed it was Sarah Geronimo, while others thought it was Ylona Garcia. Some said it was Griff, while some figured out it was KZ Tandingan. These guesses made total sense; judging by the silhouette’s built, they were close to getting the right answer. On March 2, Disney finally announced the singer, and it’s none other than KZ Tandingan.

Asia’s Soul Supreme Kristine “KZ” Tandingan is the Filipino artist tapped by Disney to perform the first-ever Filipino-language song in any Disney film. Taking to Facebook. the studio revealed that the 28-year-old soul artist will be lending her voice to an all-new song titled ‘Gabay.’


I am very grateful and I feel very proud to be singing in my language, and show off its beauty to the rest of the world. I am proud to be part of history,” shared KZ Tandingan. “I grew up watching Disney movies. Finally, there is a Disney princess who I can feel a very strong connection to.”

Gabay‘ is slated to drop on digital streaming platforms on March 5, with its official music video arriving soon after.

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Raya and the Last Dragon’ follows the story of Disney’s first Southeast Asian princess, Raya, as she embarks on a journey to find the last remaining dragon to defeat the sinister monsters known as the Druun. The story is set in a fictional land called Kumandra, which blends different cultures found in Asian countries like Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, and the Philippines.

The all-new animated Disney flick will premiere on Disney+ sometime this Month.

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