My lords and ladies! Instead of groaning over the anticipated releases of How To Train Your Dragon 3 and Game of Thrones Season 8, we have a crossover! Kit Harrington meets a new dragon for his “Untitled Fantasy TV Drama” auditions!

The blood of dragons meets a dragon! In an adorable and hilarious Dreamworks video that went viral, Kit Harrington is seen doing a scene with the ever-lovable Toothless. And we can’t get enough of the chemistry of the two!

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Kit Harrington, also known as Jon Snow, the brooding bastard of ‘Game of Thrones‘ franchise, showcases that he really knows nothing about dragons. (Just kidding!) In a “leaked audition tape” from Dreamworks, Kit is auditioning for a certain “Untitled Fantasy TV Drama” together with his big co-star from ‘How To Train Your Dragon’ franchise, Toothless.

In the video, Kit attempts to deliver his lines the Jon Snow style. With his deep and icy-laced tone, Kit brings back Jon Snow but fails as Toothless hoards all the spotlight. The “serious script” turns into a hilarious banter with Toothless doing Toothless stuff.

Check out the video below to see how two dragons mess up the set, big time!

Dragon meets Dragon

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Despite harnessing the Targaryen blood in him, Kit fails to tame the Nightfury. Toothless shows how free-spirited he is in chewing cable wires and knocking out Kit with a boom mic. Dreamworks shows Toothless’ trademark mischief and humors the ever-brooding Kit.

What’s more is that we learned that Kit is a lot like Jon Snow in real life. He tells Toothless “Be honest, do I come across as too broody? ‘Cause half the time, I’m just trying to remember where I left my keys” and that just proves that this beautiful brooding bastard really knows nothing. (But we still love you, Kit!)

The skit was definitely fresh, light and funny and only excites us to see their shows. Props to Kit for being such a good sport in playing with Toothless. We’re very excited to see ‘How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World’ and ‘Game of Thrones Season 8’ this coming 2019!

Trivia: If you didn’t know, Kit used to be a voice actor for How To Train Your Dragon as Eret, Son of Eret!

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