Apparently, ABS-CBN actress Kakai Bautista is the one at fault in the eyes of Mario Maurer’s agency for the latter’s career roadblocks. reported that Kakai’s management has received a demand letter telling the actress to refrain from using the Thai actor’s name for career gain. They added that there are claims made by multiple sources that his career struggled after being romantically linked to the Filipino comedienne. These sources explained that Maurer had lost major projects due to Kakai.

In a 2013 interview with ABS-CBN, Kakai Bautista opened up about her unexpected friendship with Mario Maurer, which begun after the two had worked together in the 2012 film “Suddenly It’s Magic”. Tearing up, she told Carmina Villaruel how she didn’t expect an international superstar to make friends with her.

However, seven years later, Kakai revealed to Boy Abunda that she and Maurer had eventually stopped communicating. She added that they used to exchange friendly I Love You’s, but clarified that the two of them never had a romantic relationship, despite her slightly “falling for his realness.”

The letter, dated March 22 and sent by Atty. Koraphot Jirachocksubsin on behalf of Mario’s talent management, states that “any further use of the name of Mario Maurer or any reference to him, directly or indirectly” will cause the team to take legal action.

We have been informed of unauthorized use of Mario Maurer name by several events, and it has come to our attention that your talent, Catherine ‘Kakai’ Bautista is the person who continues to use the name of Mario Maurer to attach to herself without consent nor knowledge. Moreover, not only Mario Maurer name but also make the false statement in related to Mario Maurer’s manager,” the letter read.

Soon after the demand letter made headlines, Filipino netizens came to the rescue, defending Kakai Bautista from what many of them would describe as an unnecessary threat from Maurer’s camp. Some of them even went as far as to say that it was Kakai’s name being used to save Maurer’s flopping carrer.

“Kakai‘s past relationship with him is not the issue here, the issue is you’re using her as a scapegoat dahil nagiging laos na siya (because he [Mario Maurer] is becoming irrelevant). You don’t need to drag a woman dahil hindi kana sikat (because you’re no longer popular),” said an enraged fan.

Another Twitter user added, “They really blamed Kakai for Mario’s lack of talent.”

“Were they really concerned about Kakai’s unauthorized use of Mario’s name in statements, or they couldn’t like the fact na si Kakai ang gumamit? Kasi, kung si Liza ‘yan, baka mag-inintiate pa sila ng collaboration, eh. wouldn’t take this as anything else, it’s discrimination,” someone chimed in.

Television host Kim Atienza also expressed his support to Kakai, tweeting, “You deserve to be linked to someone more deserving of you and your talent. Kainis.”

Meanwhile, Kakai Bautista remains unbothered. While she has yet to speak up about her side, she recently posted on Instagram about self-love, writing, “BRB. Too busy loving myself. Too busy being grateful.”

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