We go from COVID-19 to JOVIT-19, real quick. 

Jovit Baldivino may have been out of the spotlight for a while, people will never forget him as an icon of raw talent and perseverance– two things that paved the way for him winning the title of Pilipinas Got Talent’s first-ever grand champion.

Recently, the 26-year-old singer has started making waves again. Only this time, he’s not holding a microphone and smashing big notes effortlessly with his signature husky voice; he’s holding a basketball.

Dunk it, Jovit!


For some weird reason, a photo posted in 2011 on Jovit’s official Facebook fan page, which shows the young celebrity caught mid-action while doing the crossover dribble, has made its way to the present trends. According to the accompanying caption written by the page admin, Jovit asked to be photographed himself, which gives the impression that his crossover pose was more or less a projection.

Consequently, the photo caught the attention of the Filipino meme community, whose main job is to stand-by 24/7 for anything worth poking fun at. Now, Filipino netizens have been enjoying a deluge of Jovit Baldivino memes that somehow offer a temporary cure for their COVID-19-induced boredom.

Here’s Jovit soaring and flying with Troy Bolton.


Here’s Jovit representing our worst pet peeve while walking on the streets of Manila.


In line with the JOVIT-19 pandemic, a meme-making competition called #joviteditwarschallenge is currently raging on social media, and here some of the best entries we’ve seen, yet.





Which version of Dunk it, Jovit meme is your favorite?

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