Influencers Who Are Still Spreading Positivity Amidst The Pandemic Crisis

We all need a break from the stressful realities of the global pandemic every now and then. Now that most of us have been hanging out on social media since we can’t do much in real life, it’s important that we choose which types of content we’re surrounding ourselves with. 

We’re lucky our country has some of the funniest and most creative influencers supplying us with a daily dose of laughter and distractions. These are some internet personalities who are still killing it with good content in the middle of a very stressful time in history.

Ms. Everything


Ericka Camata, also known as Ms. Everything, is everything you need when you’re having bouts of lockdown anxiety. She rose to popularity after going viral with her videos in which she was struggling talking in English but trying her best nonetheless, and the results were nonsensical commentaries that the internet audience just couldn’t get enough of. The most notable of her videos was the one with her greeting her audience with “Hi, everything.”

Soon, with the help of her friends, Ms. Everything was able to put up her own Youtube channel, which has 140,000 subscribers as of this writing. She also got featured on Magandang Buhay. She’s basically behind the most functional movement we have today: the collective action to make Filipino people laugh.

Macoy Dubs


Mark Averilla, aka Macoy Dubs started off dubbing clips from popular movies, making the message funnier by going far from what the speakers in the videos are supposed to mean. Later on, he started producing vlogs, memes and Tiktok videos. Reinforced by his wit and fabulous personality, Macoy has garnered over 308,000 followers on Facebook.



One of the biggest internet celebrities today, Mimiyuuuh (Oh, yeah) has never been but a natural comedian who can effortlessly relieve people’s stress with her wit and bubbly personality. She’s very insightful and expresses it in comical ways. She has popularized lines such as, “Drink your water, bitch,” and “Dinosaur ka ghorl?” She has collaborated with Heart Evangelista, Alex Gonzaga, and Moira Dela Torre.

With 73 videos on her official Youtube channel, she has already earned 2.47 million subscribers. And it would be an understatement to say that she deserves this success.

Alodia Gosiengfiao


From a cosplayer to a gamer icon, Alodia has been immersing her fans in quality entertainment with her livestreams and vlogs. One of the first partners of Facebook Gaming in Asia, her official Facebook page has become a hub for gaming enthusiasts.

Honorable Mentions


There’s no denying that Cong Velasquez, aka Cong TV is one of the most popular Youtube vloggers today. Together with his Team Payaman, his career as a comedian has been at an all-time high. Also, we wouldn’t forget Benedict Cua, who’s lately been appearing in his vlogs as the cute and adorable Bennyboi.

Any other good influencer you’d like to add?

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