COVID-19 is pure evil. It sucks the fun out of everything. All the negative adjectives are not enough to describe it. 

If COVID-19 were people from fictional shows, it would most probably be best represented by these famously hated characters.

Joffrey Baratheon


Game of Thrones was a show commendable for showing the good and bad side of every character, regardless if they are a hero or a villain. They made us hate Cersei in the first seasons and then had us rooting for her in the later parts of the series. But Joffrey Baratheon, a product of the incestuous relationship between Cersei and Jamie Lannister, is straight-up diarrhea. Every word he says, every move he makes is meant to turn the viewers against him. This explains why his poisoning scene is one of the most satisfying deaths in the history of TV. 

If COVID-19 were a person, it would be an understatement to say that we wished him a brutal death.

Arturo Roman


We just want him to die. No– we wanna see him suffer first, and then get killed. Since the first season of Netflix’s Money Heist, we have craved to witness him getting brutally shot by Denver or anyone in the team. But the writers behind this iconic series kept on prolonging our irritation.

Arturo, the director of Royal Mint of Spain, who impregnated curly-haired Monica Gaztambide while he was married to someone else. Arturo, whose insubordination cost the life of Helsinki’s Brother, Oslo. He’s a deadly disease in human form.



❝ We’ve tried this. Humans are very reticent to torture each other. Even getting them to do simple things like pulling out each other’s teeth is like… I can’t think of the right analogy. 

The Good Place is a fantasy sitcom that aired from September 19, 2016 to January 30, 2020. It’s a show that viewers grew to love for its attempts to teach moral values without sounding cheesy. One of the story villains is a demon named Shawn, who just keeps on making the main character’s journey to the real heaven more difficult.

To be fair, he is actually a loveable enemy. He’s hilarious. He makes such witty your mom jokes. It’s his motivations to be a constant killjoy that makes him comparable to a global pandemic that has canceled the fun side of life for humanity.

Cardo Dalisay


The question of when Ang Probinsyano was gonna end is one that has haunted TV viewers for such a long period of time. It began in 2015 and still runs five years later, only taking a break due to the enhanced community quarantine. The show’s main protagonist, Carlo Dalisay, has died multiple times, survived too many fatal incidents, and yet he keeps on crawling back to life to shoot bad people again as if nothing happened. A lot of us are completely fed up with its over 1,100 episodes– the same feeling we have towards all the crises the global pandemic has caused.

Which among these characters best represents COVID-19?

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Which among these characters best represents COVID-19?